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Instyle Co., Japan  [Country: Japan]
We supply secondhand computers, electronics, precision machine and agro-machine worldwide. Our main clients are in African and Asia. We work hand-in-hand with several suppliers in Japan. Which makes it...
Used computer, used monitor
Comscom Corp.  [Country: South Korea]
We, COMSCOM Corp., proudly opened a new chapter for computer case ndustry of the world by establishing urselves as an independent provider of the functional design. As a sign of our strength, COMSCOM products...
PC housing, used monitor, HDD, s/c, v/c, CPU
We 're the Malaysia leading professional exporter& remarketing disributor of Used computer, Notebook and monitor since 1995,we also have more than 10 technicians to handle all the machine.All of our product...
Used Monitor, notebook, Pc system Spare parts
DIT LIVRES  [Country: France]
Our company is specialized in the purchase and the resale in export of second hand computer equipment. We can provide personal computers, CRT 17,17,21, inches monitors, printers, TFT sceens, laptop, notebook...
Used computer, used monitor, used printers, used computer parts
We are company base on collection used computer items,Scrap, dealing with lots major refurbish factory,dealer and service center.We do export all computer used new high end .We also do telecomunication...
Used Monitor, Used Monitor untested faulty size 14 15 17 19 21
magic computer Export  [Country: South Korea]
How are you doing? This is Magic Computer Co., Ltd. from Korea. Our company has exported used computers and monitors for 8 years. We have been exporting them to India, Indonesia, Pakistan,...
used computer, used monitor, used computer parts sales
Com-plus  [Country: South Korea]
We are selling our stock as follows. If you have required items, please don't hesitate to ask us. I) HDD 1. (300 pcs) Used tested HDD 2GB: USD 2.5/each 2. ( 4. (300 pcs) Used tested HDD 4GB:...
Used computer, CPU, vga card, HDD, used monitor
Media Com Corporation  [Country: South Korea]
We, MEDIA COM CORPORATION which deals in used product relates to computer and its parts. We have been exporting goods which go for excellent quality for some years based on accumulative technology and...
Used computer, used monitor, HDD, CPU, motherboard etc
Maru Corp.  [Country: South Korea]
Maru Corp. Is the largest exporting company of used computer and monitor in Daegu, Korea. Main market is Sri Lanka, Phillipine, and Asian countries. We are also dealing with polyester fabrics, firefighting...
Polyester Fabric, Used Computer & Monitor, Used Monitor, Extruder Parts
Kouk Model  [Country: Morocco]
We do home security includ video protection and home electronic devis. And olso car security system. Alarm and car starter we do olso used monitor 17" grad a and computers p4 1.8 MHz and up
Used monitor, alarm and car starter
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