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lylight Electric Co  [Country: China]
We are supplier and exporter in China of lighting products: LED tube light : SMD T5; LED T8 fluorescent lamp, T9 SMD circular led lamp Microscope led ring light: Diam 60 and Diam 70 microscope illumination Printed...
led tube light ring circular tubular fluorescent lamp, microscope illumination, PCB printed circuit board, led spotlight tungsten halogen, emergency lights
Chun Lai Quartz Products Factory  [Country: China]
We have pleasure to introduce Chun Lai Quartz Products Factory,which was founded in 1994. We have over 20 years of experience on quartz glass processing. The main products of the factory are optical quartz...
The main products of the factory are optical quartz glass, opaque quartz blanks, quartz apparatus, quartz rod, twin born quartz tube, quartz lamp, quartz heating elements, quartz tube etc
Sreeram Industries  [Country: India]
We are the Leading Flexible Shaft & Accessories manufacturers in India and have been in business for the past 33 years. Our range of flexible shafts are used for a variety of purposes like Grinding, Buffing,...
Concrete Vibrators, Flexible Shaft Grinders, Flexible Shafts, Tube Cleaning Equipment, Tool Holders, Right Angle Drives, Collet, Motors, Bench grinders, Bench Polishers, Coolant Pumps, Tool head Cutters etc
Addnew Technologies Limited   [Country: China]
As a leading manufacturer of digital audio & video products based in China, ADDNEW offers you the widest range of quality AV products including MPEG-4 & DivX DVD Players, Portable DVD Players, DVD Recorders,...
2.0, ch, Multimedia, &, Computer, Systems, 2.1, Subwoofer, Speaker, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1, DVD, Recorder, with, DivX, Compatible Super, Slim, Portable, player, 7", TFT, LCD, Vacuum, Tube, Amplifier, /
We, Zhejiang Kingland Pipeline and Technologies Co. Ltd. Which is set up in 1982, boasts one of the largest national pipe manufactures and has been listed into National 100 metal products Makers through...
Api ssaw steel pipe, ( BPE, GPE, BTC, GTC, APL 5L
Sonil Ventilfabrik  [Country: India]
Sonil Ventilfabrik was started as a result of 17 years of rich experience of Proprietor as small scale Industry to manufacture Bicycle Tube Valves in 2000. Gradually it has now grown and manufactures various...
Bicycle, Automotive, Tube, /, less, Tyre, Valves, &, Accessories. Brass, Turned, Components, as, per, Customer's, Drawings, Specifications
HADI CORPORATION  [Country: Pakistan]
Mr. Wasim Raza (Sales) Company: HADI Manufacturer Address: Plote: 918 ST:83 G11/3, Islamabad, ( Pakistan ) Phone: 92 333 5312620 Zip Code: n/a Fax: 92 333 5312620 Mobile: 92...
Manufacturing:1, Dolphin air conditioner/refrigerator/Computer HiFI/TV/freezer and electronic Eqiuipment Protectors 2, Engergy saver Tube litte fixture Size 1, 2, 4 feet saving 40%electicity 3, Electronic Blastic chock
GoldenBamboo Industrial & Trading Corp (originally named as Deqing Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.) was founded in China and specializes in manufacturing and trading. We are manufacturers and exporters of...
light bulbs, Lan cable, telecommunication cable, bamboo charcoal, ion exchange resin, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tube, energy saving lamp, HID lamps, GLS bulbs, reflector bulbs, Chandelier Bulbs, globe bulbs, Indicator Bulbs, Tubular Bulbs, Spot Bulbs, Marine Lamp, Infrared Heat, Sunlight Blue, Blacklight Blue, Bug Lights
ZHENGZHOU IMPORT & EXPORT TRADINGS, INC., We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a professional producer in nonferrous field and can supply the nonferrous metals with superior quality...
We are specialised supplier in refractory feild, and mainly focusing on Tungsten, Molybdenum, Titanium, Tantalum, and so on, as well as their alloys. We can supply these metals in forms of rod, plate, sheet, tube, machined parts, and according to your requirement. We also export additive for steel making and welding items, too
Qingdao Yadong Rubber Machinery Group Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which engaged in manufacturing, import and export business, agency business and Real Estate. The former is Qingdao Third Rubber...
Bale Cutter, Banbury Intensive Kneader, Plate Vulcanizer machine, Tyre Press, Conveyor Belt press, Inner Tube Press, Rubber Sheet press, EVA and PVC sheet press, Rubber Extruder Machine and other rubber machineries, rubber accelerant ( MBTS, TMTB, NS, and DPG, etc), Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate and carbon black
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