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Arhandicraft  [Country: India]
ARHANDICRAFT is a non profit seeking organsiation founded in 1984, with the objective of supporting marginalised craft producers of the Tamil-villages around Auroville in Southern India. ...
We, are, manufacturers, and, exporters, of, hmade, gifts, crafts, from, India., can, make, your, desired, items, as, have, the, necessary, capabilities, infrtructure. Our, : Hammock Ceramic Cles Incense, &, cones Stone, products Stone, plter Wooden, products Batick Paper, products Beads, Crochet Terracotta Clay, Products Jari, works Korai, Grs, products Musical, instruments Papier, mache Cane, Palm, products
DAWOO INFO-COM CO., LTD   [Country: South Korea]
Our company was established in October 1998 and specialized in digital door lock, and personal security system. We are mainly making and dealing with 4 items such as Fingerprint door lock, Veilguard(security...
1. FingerMaster: This product uses fingerprint or keypad (if you install password) to open and lock the door. If you want more security, you can realize what it is. Of course
Emu  [Country: Thailand]
Dear Madam/Sirs We are a manufacturer/ exporter,of beverages here from Thailand Our company export world wide, with many regular and satisfierd custumers all over the world, full paperwork after...
We like to work with RTD Beverages for that reason we have created our own product line, .we corporate with our importers around the world, on a professional basis where everybody have the possibility to put a word on the table, and to give the necessary feedback
Changzhou Wugan Drying Equipment Co., Ltd, registered trademark “Wugan”, is a senior enterprise of the drying equipment in the field of national chemical, pharmacy, foodstuff, etc. It has won the “national...
we specialize in designing and manufacturing dryer, granulator, and coator, which are widely used in chemical plant, pharmacy, and foodstuff, etc. We have many kinds of machines for you to choose, and if necessary, our engineer will redesign and reset new machines according to your requirements
Guangzhou Heng Trading Co. Ltd.  [Country: China]
Understand customer needs According to customer requests to provide the necessary products and services.
Understand, customer, needs, According, to, requests, provide, the, necessary, products, and, services
Anusham Consultants  [Country: India]
Import of Bright steel bars, Hexagons, Profiles, Flats and Wires & Aluminium Alloy Ingots. We are engaged in import and export business which are detailed below. 1)Assisting indian industries to export...
We, are, engaged, in, import, and, export, busess, which, detailed, below. 1)Assistg, dian, dustries, to, their, products, abroad. 2)Assistg, requirement, from, abroad. 3)Arrangg, technology, transfer, with, necessary, buy, back, agreement, will, brg, cost, advantage, both, the, countries
Dragonsuppliers united manufacturing and trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2000.Our company is always focusing on the OEM of various kinds of mechanical business.After more than 8 years hard-working...
nowadays we have all kinds of necessary equipments for processing high precise metallic parts
Ningbo jiangbei easyfine CO.,LTD  [Country: China]
Our factory is a craft & gift supplier with many administrators of rich dress designing and manufacture experiences. We also sincerely welcome OEM processing and will meet all your requirements...
We mainly produce tailoring related handicraft and promotion gifts and our production line covers varied cooler/heat preservation bags made of different material, digital products cases made from neoprene and practical car’s necessary and cute stationery & cartoon bags, etc
ningbo Import&Export Co., LTD  [Country: China]
Shida enterprise was founded in 1997, having established satisfactory trading relations with dozens of countries and regions all over the world, we have formed a quite extensive international marketing...
Bearing Pipe fitting, Valve, home appliance, Daily necessary
Beijing Golden Hua-han New Technology Company Ltd. is a hi-tech company with R&D, Production and Sales departments in China. Our headquarter is located in Beijing, R&D department in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi...
Huahan Magic Needle series Low Frequency Acupoint Stimulator is based on TCM theories of meridians and collaterals, acupunctureology, assistant treatment and healthcare No side effects Uses skin electro
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