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We are a professional trading company located in Shenzhen city, China. We are specialized in promotion, gifts and premium items. Please visite our website for seeing more products: We...
Gifts, Promotion and premium items such as memo clips, photo frames, liquid photo frame, liquid clock, liquid keychain, liquid stationery and outdoor items etc
Mei Bao Enterprises Limited  [Country: China]
Mei Bao Enterprises Limited established in 1995. And we are the leading company specializes in the area of manufacturing and exporting acrylic liquid products, including ball pens, pen holders, paper weight,...
Liquid Pen, Liquid Pen Holder, Liquid Paper Weight, Liquid Key Chain, Liquid Ruler, Liquid Tumbler, Liquid Clock, Liquid Bathroom Accessories, Liquid Condiment Jar, Liquid Mouse, Liquid Night Light, Liquid Photo Frame, Liquid Toothpick Holder, Liquid Ash Tray, Liqud Memo Holder, Liquid Calculator, Liquid Candle Holder, Liquid Timer, Liquid Tape Dispenser, Liquid Mobile Phone Holder

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