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We are manufacturers and sellers of nailcare, beauty, creative products and equipment. We are looking for distributers all around the globe. We have a great range of products in nailart, nailcare, nail...
Nailcare products, exclusive beauty products, jewelry and creative products
Xiamen Joylon Co.,Lte  [Country: China]
We are an experienced dealer of the promotional products .such like the siver make gifts ,leather made gift ,the small cushion .or the gifts are with the high quality and extractive style. ...
sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry necklace bracelet charms CZ set in Leather stationery bags attach case cosmetic bag wallet portfolio organizer notebook home accessories pillow cushion
OEC,LTD  [Country: Thailand]
We are just start up in feb2004.but due to our designs ,Services ,Product Quality ,Best prices and before time delivery make our business moving fast.If you like to see our products and you like to have...
We Offer Gold and Silver Jewelry With Diamonds, Gemstones, Cz Stones, Precious Stones.We also Manufacturer Body Piercings, Fashion aND Costume Jewelry We have a wide range of Displays and Jewelry boxes of your products
Cellivons Fine Jewelry & Fashions  [Country: United States]
We have been in business since 2001. We buy and sell 18k gold jewelry, leather and replica designer handbags and men/women fashionable fashions worldwide. Our company is small at this time but is growing...
18k Gold jewelry studded with Diamonds and other precious and semiprecious stones, leather handbags, replica handbags, and men women fashionable fashions
Diamond Wholesale Corporation  [Country: United States]
Diamond manufacturers and wholesalers with offices in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. Name: Diamond Wholesale Corporation Address: 30 Raintree Crescent (Headquarters) RICHMOND HILL, Ont., L4E...
Loose Diamonds: All Sizes, Shapes, Cut's and Clarity Grades. Diamond Jewelry: Diamond Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings. Diamond Necklaces (Pendants), Diamond Earrings, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Cuff Links, Diamond Brooches, Diamond Pins etc etc
sun fashions trading company  [Country: Canada]
importer & wholesaler located in toronto, canada importer & wholesaler located in toronto, canada importer & wholesaler located in toronto, canada importer & wholesaler located in toronto, canada importer...
jewelry, watches, belts, beads, fashion bags, pashmina shawl, scarf, hat, socks
A-BUNCH-A-GIFTS  [Country: United States]
Here at a bunch a gifts we offer over 3,000 unique and exclusive imported gifts, collectables and jewelry available through online shopping orders all at wholesale and retail prices. Affordable gifts and...
Gifts& collectables for holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations. Dolls, figurines, home decor, garden accents, jewelry, toys, watches, games, sportinggoods celebrity memorabilia
Fashion Vision Boutique  [Country: Pakistan]
Fashion Vision has made its mark in the women's ethnic clothing and Fashion garments market. We are reputed not only in domestic but also in the international market as manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers...
Ladies Fashion and trendy salwar suits, pant suits, lehangas, shararas, jewelry, beats purses etc
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