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Pacific trade international was registered in 1997 and trades with countries all the world. The owner of the company has been in business since 1961, working in japan and hong kong for almost 33 years,...
Alkaline Name Brand Batteries, Baby Wipes, Health& Beauty Products, Name Brand Razor Blades
ZNZ ENTERPRISES  [Country: Pakistan]
Fu Qi Zheng  [Country: Hong Kong]
Fu Qi Zheng is an online Chinese medicine pharmacy to provide cancer-healing patent medicine and health products to earn profit to compete with competitors and expand company scale. In return, we will...
Cancer, healing, Traditional, Chinese, Medicine, and, health, food
Shenzhen seal plastic factory  [Country: China]
SHENZHEN seal plastic factory .The factory products group includes soft rubber,& plastics toys. The main products: water yoyo ball, " sunshine, coast" massages piece of Magnetic, Soft cartoon in flavor...
water yoyo ball, " sunshine, coast" massages piece of Magnetic, Soft cartoon in flavor in fragrant fruit, FLASHING STICK, The " health treasure" massages slice, meteoric yoyo.RAT, etc
Providers International, LLC  [Country: United States]
Providers International, LLC. A Company Overview: Providers International, LLC (“Providers”) is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. The firm is licensed in the State of North Carolina and conducts...
We sell preimum energy drinks, fruit produce, bottled water hydrated and can help you find what you need Also many health foods and supplements
Basemed - consultores  [Country: Portugal]
We are a portuguese consultants of investments company. We have a lot of clients that have for sale, real estate properties and projects: 1. In Portugal and Spain. 2. Lands, farms, villas, apartments,...
Technical, consultancy, of, health, and, investments
It's my honor to introduce our products to you.We are the special manufacturer of various kinds of air purifier with nanometer photo-catalysis technology,HEPA material.It have multi-function of purifying...
benzol, carbon monoxide, irritative odors, germ, germ filtrate the dust farina generate negative ion and so on They are always used in indoor room office balcony of hotel KARA OK hall computer room all kinds of car ward air conditioned room and the place where it is polluted by r
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