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We are specialized in producing bathroom heater, ventilation fan, money counter, coin counter, automatic faucet, hand drier, soap dispenser, skin drier, we have 2 reasons to introduce ourselves: 1....
Bathroom heater, ventilation fan, money counter, coin counter, hand drier
We mainly produces all kinds of bathroom and toilet products: paper holder & paper, paper dispenser, soap dispenser , aerosol dispenser & aroma refill, hand dryer ,hair dryer and cleaning tool etc..Shenzhen...
Paper holder, toilet paper rack, soap dispenser, air dispenser, hair dryer, hand dryer, automatic water cleaner, hand drier, hair drier, paper dispenser, paper roll holder, tissue box, tissue holder, auto foam liquid automatic aerosol dispenser, automatic aerosol dispenser
Shenzhen Fengjie Bathroom Co., Ltd. started plastic & metal production designing and manufacturing in 2001. We have rich professional experience in plastic & metal production design, mold design...
Soap dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, tissue box, hand drier, hair drier, liquid soap dispenser, manual soap dispenser, shampoo dispenser, hand sanitizer dispenser, LCD display aerosol dispenser, remote control aerosol dispenser, aerosol spray, air freshener, skin dryer, clean tools, bathroom accessary, hotel accessories, refill cans, automatic aerosol dispenser, paper dispenser

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