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Arhandicraft  [Country: India]
ARHANDICRAFT is a non profit seeking organsiation founded in 1984, with the objective of supporting marginalised craft producers of the Tamil-villages around Auroville in Southern India. ...
We, are, manufacturers, and, exporters, of, hmade, gifts, crafts, from, India., can, make, your, desired, items, as, have, the, necessary, capabilities, infrtructure. Our, : Hammock Ceramic Cles Incense, &, cones Stone, products Stone, plter Wooden, products Batick Paper, products Beads, Crochet Terracotta Clay, Products Jari, works Korai, Grs, products Musical, instruments Papier, mache Cane, Palm, products
Global Links  [Country: India]
Company established in Jan 2004 and managed by experienced personnal who have travelled world wide. We supply Tshirts, Polos, Sweatshirts, Undergarments, Vests & briefs, Beachwear, Natural grass mats...
Garments : Tshirts, Polos, Sweatshirts, Undergarments, Vests&briefs, Beachwear, Natural grass mats Herbal Products
Estetix Furniture  [Country: Indonesia]
Company Name : Estetix Export Company Established: 1995 Capacity:5-8 x 40 Feet Container/month Furniture Production present: 1. Teak Out Door Furniture. 2. Antique Reproduction 3. Classic...
Supply Outdoor furniture, antique reproduction, rattan wood furniture, bamboo wood furniture, sea grass, loom, banana leaf furniture, custom request
Mornsun Gifts  [Country: China]
Being suppliers of Arts & Crafts for years, we're always adhering to 'Honest Business to Gain Mutual Benefit.' Our products include Porcelain Wares, Bamboo Wares, Wooden Wares, Fern Baskets, Plastic Wares,...
Our products include Porcelain Wares, Bamboo Wares, Wooden Wares, Fern Baskets, Plastic Wares, Grass Wares and Polyresin Wares, etc
Sri Dhanalakshmi Industries  [Country: India]
We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the cultivators, traders and exporters of Herbs in India. We can offer pure dried herbs at a reasonable price regularly. We are specialised in the...
Botanical Herbs, Herbal Extracts, Neem, Neem Salacia Vinca Periwinkle Tribulus Gymnema Gotu kola Centella Lobelia Yellow dock Rumex Papaya lemon grass calamus momordica morinda Garcinia Paper Products Label Tag Sticker Box Antiques Cuttle Fish Bone Pet product Pet food Feed additive
Deli Power Tools is a leading Supplier specialized in all kinds of garden tools & Power Tools. we takes Quality and Service to the first place in management.Q.C.Dept. assures clients of good quality.Group...
Grass cutter, Hedge Trimmer, Brush cutter, Screw Driver, Angle Grinder, Electric Hammer, Electric Pickaxe, Mini Drill Set, Miter Saw, Electric Power Tools, Garden Tools
Zoomone Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.  [Country: China]
Established in 1999, Zoomone Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. Specializes in manufacturing all kinds of rubber product including crumb rubber, EPDM rubber granules for playground, pave road, race track and artificial...
EPDM granule for playground, race track. Coated EPDM granule for artificial grass infillins, crumbed epdm, EPDM chips
Zhejiang Yongkang Currency Electrical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd, specialized in manufacturing garden tools, our range of garden tools include electric lawn mowers, electric hoes, vacuum blowers,...
Our products are mainly Lawn Mowers, Electric Hoe, Hedge Trimmer, Vacuum Blower, Snow Blower, Grass Shears and so on. All the items are exported to EU US South America, South Africa and other regions
Guangxi Pubei Kong Long Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd is an export enterprise with a focus on the production of natural woven arts and crafts products. We make our products from materials such as bamboo, rattan,...
We make our products from materials such as bamboo, rattan, awn, grass, hemp, couch wood and willow basket
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