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WMG Group /Industrial & Capital Investment Management Group since1993/  [Country: Ukraine]
Industrial & Capital Investment management, Import / Export / Production of various products including innovation products & technologies. Projects development, Joint-ventures basing, Technopark services....
Import / Export / Production of various products including innovation products & technologies. Investment management, projects development
Concord Drugs Limited  [Country: India]
Shanghai Huayuan Electronic Corp.  [Country: China]
Shanghai Huayuan, based on more than ten years experience of manufacture smartcard, RF card, RFID application and professional RFID products, collaborate with pioneer in RFID world, now we can design,...
* 125Khz RFID: EM ISO card, clamshell card, keychain, disc tag etc. * 13.56Mhz RFID: Philips ISO card, keyfob, laundry tag, nail tag, watch tag etc. * UHF: Inlay, paper label etc. * Customization technologies: 4C printing, logo printing, number printing, encoding, Laser printing
Data Services Technology and Solutions(Data STS) We are strategic outsourcing company with expertise on software development services. Data Services Technology and Solutions Ltd,an established for offering...
O Microsoft Technologies O Java Technologies O Open source technologies O Web based applications O Data base solutions O ERP, CRM
Eva-Shred  [Country: New Zealand]
Eva-Shred Range of Shredders and associated machinery offers the final solution to solid waste problems. - Reduction of tyres to less than 5mm rubber crumb size, steel and nylon removed. - Transfer...
Industrial Shredders, Waste Reduction Technologies, Tyre Recycling Plants
ReTeK is specialize in refrigeration part.Our main products including the wire tube condenser, refirgerator evaporator,showcase condenser,water dispenser condenser and so on.
wire tube condenser, freeze condenser, refrigerator condenser, refrigerator evaporator, water dispenser condenser, icebox condenser, wire condenser, fridge condenser, refrigerator part, condenser, showcase freezing showcase
O2 Technologies Inc.  [Country: United States]
O2 Technologies is a New Jersey based research & development company dedicated to miniature oxygen generators. Since its foundation in 1988, the company has been focusing on perfecting the PSA oxygen...
The, innovative, miniature, oxygen, generators, developed, by, O2, Technologies, have, brought, a, mjor, brekthrough, in, relted, consumer, products, where, spce, is, limited, thus, size, of, hs, lwys, been, limitg, fctor

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