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GLOBAL BUYERS EXCHANGE  [Country: United States]
GBE is an import/export agency which provides the service of locating products and services for both individuals and companies around the world. Our promise to you is to find the highest quality product...
GBE, is, an, import/export, agency, which, provides, the, service, of, locating, products, d, s, for, both, iniviual, compie, aroun, worl
PT. Keluarga Mitratani Sejahtera  [Country: Indonesia]
Sunwood Investment and Trading Pty Ltd  [Country: Australia]
Our company started our business operation in 1994. We do Import & Export between China and Australia. Our company does cooperation with Chininese companies to make maizes to forage. Also we do machinery...
Import & Export agricultural machinery, medical equipment, export credit, investment and financial advise
Acanic Agriculture  [Country: Indonesia]
We establish on 2004 with major production in manufacture Virgin Coconut Oil. In our production, we always concern with quality first. All of our product are 100% nature. Our production is in Borneo (Kalimantan)...
Manufacture, and, export, Virgin, Cococnut, Oil
ARC Machinery Malaysia Sdn Bhd   [Country: Malaysia]
Established in 2002, ARC Machinery (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is located in Johor - the southern-most state of Malaysia neighboring Singapore. Our company specializes in the production of home appliances, for...
Established in 2002, DVD players, VCD players, and many more other products for your home
RSH Group  [Country: Morocco]
Rsh group a company of more than a decade in manufacturing and exporting.Our specialty is fish industry.We are HACCP and got the EU agreement number :3850. Our staff have a long experience in the field...
we manufacture and export: frozen sardines: in block, iqf, hgt and fillet.Frozen mackerel, frozen Bonito(sarda sarda), frozencroaker(tambour, corbina), horse mackerel(chinchard, jurel), frozen octopus.Also we export canned sardines, canned mackerel and canned anchovy.Besides, we export fishmeal and fish oil
Ambod World Trade Limited  [Country: Nigeria]
Our Company was incorporated in Nigeria since 1982. We have been in the business of import-export since these years, and it has taken us to many countries in terms of buying and selling. Also, we deal...
We deal in export of all nigerian natural produces, such as: Natural Sesame seeds, Gingers, Cashew Nuts, minerals, etc. Also, we import kerosine stoves, batteries, etc from china and other countries
Oceanic Oil World Group, LLC  [Country: United States]
Oceanic Oil World Group, LLC (OOWG) is a company that stands on principles. We understand the cultural challenges of working among and between international companies. It is our mission to provide...
We represent the seller’s mandate of Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO), Gasoil (D2), Jet Fuel and M100, and you can depend on our honesty and integrity
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