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Maya special effects equipment  [Country: China]
We offer various kinds of the stage effects equipments,such as the flame machine,co2 jet,dry ice machine,fog mchine,ground fog machine,confetti,colour paper machine,stage fireworks and the new products,mist...
We offer various kinds of the stage effects equipments, such as the flame machine, co2 jet, dry ice machine, fog mchine, ground fog machine, confetti, colour paper machine, stage fireworks and the new products, mist sprayer, perfume machine, outdoor colour flame machine, strong snow machine etc
Established in 2005, Guangzhou Delong Stage Equipment Co.,Ltd.(former Guangzhou Debao Stage Effect Consumables Co.,Ltd.) has built up an experienced technical team with many years' involvement in research...
stage smoke puff jet, stage smoke puff jet fog machine smog machine flame machine bubble machine snow machine confetti cannon flame projector CO2 column jet stage dry ice machine foam machine high quality smoke fluid bubble fluid snow fluid confetti and streamers etc
Ziyang Sida Cryogenic Machine Co., Ltd Address: Industrial Zone, Outer Ring Road, Yanjiang District, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, China. PC 641300 tel: 0086-028-26123897 email:
dry ice machine, dry ice pelletizer, dry ice blocker, dry ice blasting machine, smog sprayer, cryogenic liquid pumps, co2 fillin pumps
Guangzhou Gelight Stage Lighting equipment factory, which is engage in developing and manufacturing special effect stage equipments and stage lights. Since was built we have been working this business...
stage light, effect light, led moving head light, led par can, led wall washer, laser light, scan light, follow light, fog machine, dry ice machine, ice machine, fire machine, flame machine, confetti machine, bubble machine, snow machine, fog liquid, snow liquid, bubble liquid
China Special effects equipments co., ltd is a professionally manufactory of stage special effects equipments in China 13years history . we Power snow machine,Confetti blaster,confetti shoot,LPG Propane...
Confetti cannon, confetti blower, confetti blaster, confetti machine, confetti shot units, streamer shot units, CO2 Jet, CO2 Gun, CO2 Jets, stage fogger & Haze Maker, low smoke machine, dry ice machine, Bubble machine
Synergy Industry Co.,Ltd  [Country: China]
Synergy Industry Co., Ltd, Synergy Industry Technology Co., Ltd is an active and successful manufacturer/exporter in the construction material and machinery industry in China. We combine good quality products...
Dry ice machine, Butt fusion welding machine, Diesel engine and generator

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