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OEC,LTD  [Country: Thailand]
We are just start up in feb2004.but due to our designs ,Services ,Product Quality ,Best prices and before time delivery make our business moving fast.If you like to see our products and you like to have...
We Offer Gold and Silver Jewelry With Diamonds, Gemstones, Cz Stones, Precious Stones.We also Manufacturer Body Piercings, Fashion aND Costume Jewelry We have a wide range of Displays and Jewelry boxes of your products
R & K World Gifts, Inc.  [Country: United States]
Panyan International Trade Co., Ltd.  [Country: Thailand]
Panyan International Trade Co., Ltd is an import/export, sales agency, merchandising, distribution and consultancy company. The Company was founded is 2003 and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The...
Women's Fashion production and wholesale, skin care and cosmetics wholesale, oil, diamonds, steel, mobile phone and laptops sales agent services
Cellivons Fine Jewelry & Fashions  [Country: United States]
We have been in business since 2001. We buy and sell 18k gold jewelry, leather and replica designer handbags and men/women fashionable fashions worldwide. Our company is small at this time but is growing...
18k Gold jewelry studded with Diamonds and other precious and semiprecious stones, leather handbags, replica handbags, and men women fashionable fashions
Diamond Wholesale Corporation  [Country: United States]
Diamond manufacturers and wholesalers with offices in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles. Name: Diamond Wholesale Corporation Address: 30 Raintree Crescent (Headquarters) RICHMOND HILL, Ont., L4E...
Loose Diamonds: All Sizes, Shapes, Cut's and Clarity Grades. Diamond Jewelry: Diamond Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings. Diamond Necklaces (Pendants), Diamond Earrings, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Cuff Links, Diamond Brooches, Diamond Pins etc etc
Taurasi Gioielli S.r.l.  [Country: Italy]
Ours is a little italian company which produce jewels for the italian market and recently we have created some new lines of jewels really appreciated on the market abroad. We are looking for some shop...
platinum, gold and silver jewels with or without stones, fine and top jewellery, diamonds and every kind of stones, whatches and jewel as you design and request
BF Enterprises, Inc.  [Country: United States]
In Business since 2001. Facilitators for all the listed products for both buyer and/or seller. Marketing worlwide buying and selling.
SLCO, BLCO, LPG, D2, Jet Fuel; Metal Scrap; Copper Cathodes, Iron Ore; Raw Cashews; Diamond Rough, Cut Polished Diamonds
Trust Inverstment company Ltd  [Country: Ghana]
Three royal mining co. Ltd has been working for some time now with a very good recodes. We have been dealing with our serious e buyer's and give them what they always want. We are ready to dearl with any...
We are looking for buyers cos we have 450kg in stock pure Au Gold Dust / Diamonds over 3, 000 carats which is ready for sales any interested buyer can contact us for any order Our doors are open for all buyers any time they need our service we will be there to make it happen for them
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