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SHANDONG CARTER HEAVY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is a modern enterprise equipped with new high technology. The main products include 5 series of and more than 10 kinds of engineering machinery, such as CT15/40/45/65/80/130...
Excavators In, this, section, you, can, look, at, the, current, list, of, machinery, and, ir, specificions., Select, a, model, th, will, suit, r, needs., Click, on, "Specs", link, to, see, moe, detils, cetin, mchine., "Inque", ctct, locl, distibu
Shenzhen Quick Electric&Machine Co., Ltd is established in 1998 , act as agent of the International known brand, devoted to the popularization of machinery , electronic product. Agent's brand is,Japan...
Clover Industries Ltd.  [Country: Canada]
Clover Industries Ltd. is the OEM (original engineering manufacturer) for our products. We will be sole importer/wholesalers of our own products, and we will source a variety of competitive manufacturing...
Our product concepts are unique, practical, and innovative The uniqueness of our current product provides for minimal competition in the market place This opens up vast market share leaving wide growth potential and opportunity We hold patents and copyrights for every product we produce
Brilliant Peak Co., Ltd.  [Country: Hong Kong]
Our company was established on January, 2004 in Hong Kong. Right now, we are a trading company focusing on the services and products related to compact disc. Our current products include:- -Boxes/Cases...
Cassette, DVD, blank CDR and DVDR Besides that
BIS Taiwan Limited  [Country: Taiwan]
We are a subsidiary of Hong Kok Electronics Limited (China) that is responsible of sales and marketing activities of Hong Kok Electronics Limited. We are currently actively in search of partners/agents...
Transformer:, 1., Standard, Transformer 2., Modem, Transformer, Filter:, Common, Mode, Filter, 2., Linearity, Coil:, Chokes, A., Radial, B., Surface, Mount, C., SMD, Power, Coated, 3., Toroid, (High, Current), 4., Coils, 5., Insert, Molded, 6., Air, Wound
2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a. s.  [Country: Czech Republic]
The 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE joint-stock company is a purely Czech business with 13 years of experience in development. It supplies a wide portfolio of high-quality telecommunication products and technologies...
2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. offers telecommunication products, ISDN, PRI, VOIP PBX systems Door communicators (Door intercoms) Lift communicators (Elevator intercoms) Based on the latest innovations and customer's requests, all our current products are continually being enhanced with ne
We can supply a variety of ameter / shipped meter/current transformer . Our company is an enterprise that produces setting style ammeters and accessories. It specializes in the production of Ammeters...
Ammeters for AC/DC current, Voltmeters for AC/DCcurrent, Power meters, Power factor meters, Frequency metersm Shunts, Current transformers
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