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Qingdao Yadong Rubber Machinery Group Co.,Ltd  [Country: China]
Qingdao Yadong Rubber Machinery Group Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which engaged in manufacturing, import and export business, agency business and Real Estate. The former is Qingdao Third Rubber...
Bale Cutter, Banbury Intensive Kneader, Plate Vulcanizer machine, Tyre Press, Conveyor Belt press, Inner Tube Press, Rubber Sheet press, EVA and PVC sheet press, Rubber Extruder Machine and other rubber machineries, rubber accelerant ( MBTS, TMTB, NS, and DPG, etc), Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate and carbon black
Xinxiang Huarui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is an high-tech chemical company major in produce, R&D,dealing , grow up to the leading professional manufacture of rubber chemical . The number...
Our strong products: Rubber antiscorching agent CTP (PVI), Chlorocyclohexane, Cyclohexene, Cyclohexane, Cyclohexane Disulfide DCDS Vulcanization DTDM Accelerator MBT M MBTS DM NOBS MBS TMTD MBTS DM CBS CZ TMTM TBBS NS D DPG Antioxidant RD TMQ MBZ MB and Insoluble Sulfur
Our company is a leading manufacturer of rubber vulcanization accelerators such as M (MBT), DM (MBTS), CBS (CZ), TMTD, NOBS (MBS), TBBS (NS), DPG (D), ZDC, TETD, ETU (Na-22), DZ (DCBS) in China which are...
rubber vulcanization accelerators such as M (MBT), DM (MBTS), CBS (CZ), TMTD, NOBS (MBS), TBBS (NS), DPG (D), ZDC, TETD, DZ DCBS
rokem  [Country: China]
Rokem Group, headquatered in Shanghai, People's Republic of China, is a dedicated producer and Exporter of Rubber Chemicals including Rubber accelerator TETRAMETHYL THIURAMDISULFIDE (TMTD), TETD, ZDEC,...
Rubber Chemicals including Rubber accelerator TMTD, TETD, CBS, TBBS, MBT, MBTS, DPG, NOBS. DTDM Antioxidant BHT, as well as intermediates of dyestuff and pigment and other fine chemicals
canex group limited  [Country: China]
Our company is a leading sales of Brasil market and sri lanka and malaysia and india market, with the good relaship with the factory for about 25 years, we are now can offer you CR2442. CSM40,NPG,DPG,NPG,...
CR2442. CSM40, NPG, DPG, precipitated silica, cryolite, TIO2, fumaric acid, ADC, N, SVS, acrylic resin and monomer, polyester resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, silicon rubber, silicone, silane coupling agent, SMAS, SBAC, DMC
Changzhou Wuzhou Chemical Co.,Ltd  [Country: China]
We produce and kinds of antioxidant and accelerator with quality and competitive prices as follows: Antioxidant 4010NA(IPPD), 4020(6PPD), BLE, 2246, MB,Accelerator ZDC, DPG(D) and Silane coupling agent...
Antioxidant 4010NA(IPPD), 4020(6PPD), BLE, 2246, MB; Accelerator ZDC
LZD Draslovka  [Country: Czech Republic]
The foundation of the company in the year 1906 was initiated by Deutsch Gold und silberscheidenanstalt under the commercial name of "akciova spolecnost pro zpracovan draselnych louhu v koline"(public...
HCN, NaCN, KCN, Uragan, Acetoncyanhydrine ACH, Chlorcholinchloride CCC, Diphenylquanidine DPG, Chemical specialties from HCN
DPG Group  [Country: Saudi Arabia]
DPG has established since 1992. The group was original working in construction business within KSA. The new Business and Trading Services Branch, e Elctronic Trading, added new scope of business to our...
Dhahran, Palace, Group(DPG), is, a, Trding, nd, supplier, of, ll, types, commodities., Also, we, ct, s, ourcing, gent, for, commoditie
Timeliall Industry Limited  [Country: China]
Timeliall Industry Limited is committed to Rubber Chemicals and Water Treatment Chemicals manufacture for ten years. delivery, Timely service" "TIMELIALL" means"All are timely". It also has been instilled...
Rubber chemicals, Antiscorching Agent CTP(PVI), DPG(D), Sodiumdimethyldithiocarbamate, Pentabromophenyl ether(DBDPO), Rubber Antioxidant NS(TBBS) Glycerin Monostearate, Zinc oxide
Zhengzhou Double Vigour Chemical Product Co., Ltd is approved by henan foreign trade committee.The company itself has the right to import&export We are specialized supplier of rubber chemical products....
Rubber accelerator MBT(M), MBTS(DM), TMTD, CBS(CZ), TBBS(NS), DPG(D), NOBS(MBS), rubber antioxidant TMQ(RD), IPPD(4010NA), 6PPD 4020 Rubber vulkacit Rubber binder
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