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With low noise and stability, XLBearings can be used in mirco-dynamo, automobile, telecommunication devices, instrument and motors, medical apparatus computer and office equipment, they has been accepted...
automobile, bearings, mimiature, deep, groove, ball, thrust, roller, taper, needle, bush rod, ends plain, spherical, ceramic, stainless, hybrid, pillow, block plummer, block
Ningbo Ovicky Magnet, Inc.  [Country: China]
Established in 1980, Ningbo Ovicky Magnet, Inc. is a manufacturer and exporter of magnetic products in China, specializes in developing, manufacturing and supplying NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) magnets,...
Established in 1980, Ningbo Ovicky Magnet, Inc. is a manufacturer and exporter of magnetic products in China, specializes in developing, Ferrite (Ceramic) magnets, Alnico magnets
Xiamen Wonderful Art Co.,Ltd  [Country: China]
Established in 2000, we are a leading private Chinese manufacturer & exporter of gifts and decorative items for Garden, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, produced from materials such as Polyresin,Ceramic,...
We will selll ceramic and polyreisn arts and crafts, such as : Ceramic, polyrsin, candle, metatl and so on
Barun Electronics Co., Ltd.  [Country: South Korea]
Established in 1998 as 1st Venture company from SAMSUNG, Barun Electronics CO., Ltd. are manufacturing OEM products for SAMSUNG, OLYMPUS, LEXAR MEDIA, LG, etc. and recognized as best quality and low prices...
HCMOS TTL and PECL LVDS compatible
WeiHai GaoCheng Tech. Co.,Ltd works at the development and production of health--caring and high --tech products for the beings. While among them,two products have got the patents in China--the UVB&UVA...
lighting for reptiles: 3U type UVB Fluorescent lamp, UVB Mercury Vapor(Vitamin D3 Lamp);Neodymium Lamp(Full spectrum lamp);fish lamp;bird lamp etc and accessories. heating for reptiles:Heat Cable, Ceramic Heat Emitter, Heat Wave Rock, Heat Pad
Arhandicraft  [Country: India]
ARHANDICRAFT is a non profit seeking organsiation founded in 1984, with the objective of supporting marginalised craft producers of the Tamil-villages around Auroville in Southern India. ...
We, are, manufacturers, and, exporters, of, hmade, gifts, crafts, from, India., can, make, your, desired, items, as, have, the, necessary, capabilities, infrtructure. Our, : Hammock Ceramic Cles Incense, &, cones Stone, products Stone, plter Wooden, products Batick Paper, products Beads, Crochet Terracotta Clay, Products Jari, works Korai, Grs, products Musical, instruments Papier, mache Cane, Palm, products
Established in 1995, China Artborne Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of magic heat pad, ceramic, terracotta and polyresin handicrafts. We are doing our best to assure you of strict quality...
Magic Heat Pads; Ceramic handicrafts; Polyresin handicrafts; Porcelain handicrafts; scented polyresin dolls, etc
Gimex.Corp.  [Country: South Korea]
Gimex Corp. is manufacturing Univerasl Mobile phone battery charger which is now exporting to Japan and EMC Tech as a mother company of Gimex Corp. is manufacturing Ceramic Heater which are providing to...
Universal Mobile Battery charger, Ceramic Heater and GPS Module

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