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Jimmy Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd  [Country: China]
Jimmy Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd was established on 1996. It's in dehua countytown, belong to quanzhou city, there is one of the biggest production zone for ceramics, polyresin, and terracotta items. Gifts...
Ceramics, Terracotta, Polyresin, Candles, Metal Lantern and Candle holders, Glass wares, Artificial Flowers, Wooden, Fabric, rattan for Gifts and for Decorations
Arhandicraft  [Country: India]
ARHANDICRAFT is a non profit seeking organsiation founded in 1984, with the objective of supporting marginalised craft producers of the Tamil-villages around Auroville in Southern India. ...
We, are, manufacturers, and, exporters, of, hmade, gifts, crafts, from, India., can, make, your, desired, items, as, have, the, necessary, capabilities, infrtructure. Our, : Hammock Ceramic Cles Incense, &, cones Stone, products Stone, plter Wooden, products Batick Paper, products Beads, Crochet Terracotta Clay, Products Jari, works Korai, Grs, products Musical, instruments Papier, mache Cane, Palm, products
Chiceramic Co., Ltd  [Country: Vietnam]
Company name: Chiceramic Co., Ltd Original: Vietnam Contact person: Mr. Nguyen Trung Viet Jobtile: Director We are a supplier of Vietnam for ceramics, pottery, terracotta, ceramic lacquer, lamps, ceramic...
We are supplier for ceramics, pottery, terracotta and some other kinds of handicrafts for export
Komet Kozmetik produces and markets every kind of color cosmetics products with assistance of 15 years experience. Our current products are eye shadow, blush on, compact powder, cream compact, mascara,...
Make Up, Eye Shadow, Blush On, Compact Powder, Terracotta, Cream Compact, Foundation, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Lip Pulp, Eyeliner
Yixing Xinli Ceramic (JV) Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufactory of terracotta and glazed pots, and garden decorations. There are all kinds of sape and colour in our company. Our products are sold in the...
flower pots, ceramic pots, ceramic pots terracotta pots planters pottery
We are exporter of diff. products like :- In metal products :- Candle Holder, Vases, x'mass, Gift, Decorative, Table Ware, Bowls, Tray, Plates etc..... In other Material:- Wood - Different...
Tea light Holders, Pillar Holders. Flower Vases, Pots, Planters, Pot Holders. Tableware, Photo Frames, Bar Accessories, Cutlery. Household Accessories, Bathroom sets. Statues, Monument Replicas, Animals. Souvenirs, Christmas Decorations
DecoRoot-online CO., LTD  [Country: China]
www decoroot com*****Our company deals with series styles of China arts (Bamboo Carving, Wood Carving, Rolex, Omega watches, handbag, Kirigami, Beijing Opera Mask, Gift etc). We have a big market at Europe...
Crystal, ceramic, watches, carving, culture, collections, mask, cloth, arts, cloisonné, terracotta, crafts, chinaware, gift, vase, tray, embroidery, decoration, antique, porcelain, pottery., teapot, 2008 Olympic games, tableware
DecoRoot-online CO., LTD   [Country: China]
www decoroot com*****Our company deals with series styles of China arts (Bamboo Carving, Wood Carving, Rolex, Omega watches, handbag, Kirigami, Beijing Opera Mask, Gift etc). We have a big market at Europe...
Beijing Opera Mask, Art Carve, Terracotta Army, Terracotta Army embroidery bronze vessel chinaware colored glaze cloisonne purple clay teapot 2008 Olympic collections
VPS Specialities  [Country: India]
We are a big team of artists specialising in different arts from India. Our creations are original and have been placed at many reputed places like universities, museums etc. Our artists have vast experience...
Paintings, terracotta items, pottery, garden accessories, antiques, sculptures, handmade paper crafts, greeting cards
JiuhMing Pottery Co.  [Country: Taiwan]
We, Jiuhming pottery co. , have been a professional maker of reproduction of Chinese porcelain antiques, established in 1983. We make not only blue & white, but also monochrome, gold / silver coating...
Porcelain Reproductions, Garden Decor, Terracotta Buddha
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