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DA company  [Country: China]
This is DACC co.,Ltd,a lead manufactor of compressor sets and DC power unit in China.We are very glad to know you and hope to establish a long and strong business with you.We have the authentication of...
We, can, offer:Compressor, Series;, Ice, Cream, Machine, /, model, condensing, compressor, sets, Refrigerating, Compressors, series, RefrigeratorsFreezers, coldrooms, and, freezer, rooms, Electric, Power, Equipment, DC, Unit, for, Use, in, Electroplatg, Alumium, Oxida
Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co.,Ltd  [Country: China]
Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co., Ltd specializes in Water Treatment Equipment for over 10 years. With a total area of approximately 215,277 square meters, we have 20 production...
Our products range, RO purified machines Filling and capping machines Packing machines Water dispensers and refrigerating products Water dispensers water coolers Water filters Water purifiers Water purifying equipment Thermoelectric coolers and warmers
Novatek  [Country: Ukraine]
The research-and-manufacture company "NOVATEK-ELECTRO" is specializing in the development and the subsequent manufacturing application of programmable power electronics instrumentation, or so-called general-purpose...
Xiamen Zhongxinglong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. Located in the eastern Chinese seaport of Xiamen city, one of the special economic...
Air filters, air diffusers, flexible ducts, air dampers, purification system equipment, steel sandwich boards, air condition refrigerating apparatus, heating and ventilation installation
Wingstar Tech Co.,Ltd  [Country: China]
Hangzhou Wingstar Technologies Co., Ltd. (WST), located in Hangzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, was founded in 2009. We are a professional manufacturer of various ozone products and thermoelectric...
Ozone generator, thermoelectric refrigerating unit, water treatment, air purifier
Zhejiang Langdi Group Co., Ltd.  [Country: China]
As one of the leading manufacturers specializing in household appliances and impeller industries, Zhejiang Langdi Group Co., Ltd. has five fully owned factories. Our factories have developed diversified...
Spare parts (fans, wheels, blowers, impellers) in air conditioning and heating refrigerating industries; kitchen appliances such as cook hoods, gas hobs, and induction cookers
Hans Tech  [Country: South Korea]
We,Hans Tech has gained the confidence of its customers,through the years,serving both the original equipment manufacturers(OEM) and the replacement for refrigeration compressor. The refrigeration...
40K 2)Angle valve 10~200A, 40K 3)Safety valve 10~100A, 20~40K 4)Poisonous gas valve 15~200A, 40K 5)Check valve(Hori.& Ver.)32~200A, 40K 6)Check & stop valve 32~65A, 40K 7)Expand valve 32~50A, 40K
We are in Dalian, the refrigeration city of China. We special supply ammonia refrigerating compressors and its supportive auxiliary equipment, valves, and accessories, shielded motor pumps, electricity...
Ammonia refrigerating compressors, air treatment
Dacc  [Country: China]
We are a lead manufactor of compressor sets and DC power unit in China. We are very glad to know you and hope to establish a long and strong business with you. We have the authentication of iso9001. We...
Refrigerating compressors, ice cream machine, DC power supply, rectifier, transformer, freezer rooms, compressor sets
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