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Taizhou China-Extra International Trading Co., Ltd.  [Country: China]
We Sell&. Buy, Exp.&. Imp. All Kinds of Dollhouse& Miniatures, Mini-Furniture, Glass& Crystal, Candle& Candleholder, Gifts& Toys, Christmas Ornaments, Car Inner Ornaments, Kid Accessories& Funny Sun Glasses,...
Craft, gift, dollhouse, christmas, ornaments, Miniatures, Mini, Furniture, Glass, Crystal, Candle, Candleholder, Toys, Glasses, Collectables, Pet toys, Pottery, Leather, Wooden, Metal, Light Products, Machine, Tools
caravan saray  [Country: Morocco]
Caravan Saray is specialized in the export of Handcrafted products for Home Decoration with a wide range of products. Come visit us on our Website: You'll discover a wide and...
Costume, jewellery, Silver, Damascening, Copperware, Moroccan, leather, slippers, &, Pouffes, Mirrors, Henna, Lamps, Candles, Pottery, Carpets, tents, Mosaic, Tables, Paintings
Starke Cera  [Country: India]
Ever since its foundation the company has been involved and has been a vital part of the ceramic industry. The company always has been involved in tracking the various changes in the industry and made...
Minerals, chemical oxides, wall tile glazes, studio glazes, stains, readymade bodies, ceramic clays, frits, kiln& furnaces, ceramic machinery, pottery crafting tools, pottery wheels, fast firing frit, low firing frit
Global Purchasing Solutions LLC  [Country: China]
We are a comprehensive sourcing company. we focus on sourcing following products: Faucet, Shower and Sink, Bath and Toilet Appliances, pottery, hinges, locks, cords, lightings, switch, coffin, Jacks,...
Soucing following products: Faucet, Shower and Sink, Bath and Toilet Appliances, pottery, hinges, locks, cords, lightings, switch, coffin, Jacks, pressre washer, strainers, stationary and others
Chiceramic Co., Ltd  [Country: Vietnam]
Company name: Chiceramic Co., Ltd Original: Vietnam Contact person: Mr. Nguyen Trung Viet Jobtile: Director We are a supplier of Vietnam for ceramics, pottery, terracotta, ceramic lacquer, lamps, ceramic...
We are supplier for ceramics, pottery, terracotta and some other kinds of handicrafts for export
LEONIES GALLERIES Furniture  [Country: Indonesia]
LEONIES GALLERIES Furniture & Craft which is located in Central Java-- a furniture and craft exporteer and manufacturer. Our products included Teak Garden, classical, colonial, antique repro furniture...
Manufacturing teak garden furniture, mahogany indoor furniture, chair, table, bench, box, lamp, antique stone ornament for garden, antique pottery
SAHAYATA  [Country: India]
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