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To be a manufacturer of magnets and magnetic materials in China, we have more than 30 years experience in producing granulated magnetic compound, magnetic ferrite powder, flexible magnetic sheet, flexible...
granulated magnetic compound, magnetic ferrite powder, flexible magnetic sheet, flexible magnetic strip, ferrite magnet, ndfeb magnet, smco magnet, alnico magnet and ferrite core etc
STRONG MAGNET CO LTD  [Country: China]
STRONG MAGNET CO.,( special manufactures permanent ferrite magnets and Nd-Fe-B magnets with ISO9001 quality certificate.produce Segment (tile) magnet,Bar & Horseshoe Magnet,Rubber...
STRONG MAGNET CO., Bar & Horseshoe Magnet, Rubber ferrite magnets, Flexible Magnets and Bond NdFeB, ceramic magnet, hematite magnet, magnetic jewellery, magnetic beads, magnetic clasps, Soft ferrite magnet
ShangHai Dao Ye Magnet Electron Co.,Ltd, Is specially is engaged in the permanent-magnet material and it’s the application product research, the development, the production and the marketing high-tech...
Sintered Alnico Magnets Magnetic Systems Promotional Magnet and so on
Best Magnet & Machining Co., Ltd  [Country: Hong Kong]
BEST MAGNET & MACHINING CO,.LTD is an outstanding supplier in magnets & machining field. We not only supply a variety of magnets including Sintered and Bonded NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite, and Alnico magnets,...
Magnetic Materials such as Alnico magnet, NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, SmCo magnet and magnetic assembly parts, machining metal parts of motor cycle, tube fitting and other hardware spare parts etc
Profma International Co.,Ltd.  [Country: China]
--Polyimide film (Kapton Equivalent, HN, VN, FN, even HPP-ST) , silicone adhevise PI tape / film, acrylic adhesive tape / film, copper clad polyimide sheet, Nomex laminated Polyimide film, pet film, ptfe...
Mag-Magnet Technology Co.,ltd  [Country: China]
Mag-Magnet Technology Co., ltd is a High-Tech enterprise founded in 1991.It is specialized in Production, Research Development(R&D), sales of Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) Magnet, Ferrite Magnet, Flexible...
Ferrite magnet, SmCo magnet and Flexible magnet
The Ni-core ferrite material and the magnet-core of our company lay stress on developing and producing NiZn ferrite material magnet-core that is anti-electromagnetic interference, and power ferrite material...
electric, transformer, and, the, soft, ferrite
Tianjin Nibboh MagnetsCo.,Ltd  [Country: China]
We have 20 year’s experience in the production of magnetic material and parts as well as we have specialized technical and R&D team. More than 5000 people are working for Nibboh Magnets. So we can provide...
Our, typical, products, include, Sintered, NdFeB?, Bonded, Rubber, Ferrite, Magnet?, Hard, Magnet, ?, AlNiCo, SmCo, Flexible, magnetic, materials, and, assemblies
Nanjing United Magnet Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech corporation which specializes in manufacturing and selling all kinds of high quality magnetic products and magnetic equipments. Our main products...
NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, AlNiCo magnet, SmCo magnet, Magnetic equipment
Profma International Co., Ltd.  [Country: China]
Now company is engaged in more electrical insulation materials, including --Polyimide film (Kapton Equivalent, HN, VN, FN, even HPP-ST) , silicone adhevise PI tape / film, acrylic adhesive tape / film,...
Polyimide Film, Kapton Film, Polyimide Adhesive Tape, Polyimide Sheet, Ptfe Film, Fep Film, Kapton Tape, Nizn Ferrite Magnet, Ferrite Toroid, Magnet Core, Ferrite Discs
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