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USATH Intertrade  [Country: Thailand]
USATH Intertrade is a business that exclusively deals in the exportation of SE Asia goods we specialize in finding any SE Asian product at the best prices; the unique aspect of the products we provide...
SE Asia Exporters: Men's& women's suits, baby clothes, candles
Jimmy Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd  [Country: China]
Jimmy Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd was established on 1996. It's in dehua countytown, belong to quanzhou city, there is one of the biggest production zone for ceramics, polyresin, and terracotta items. Gifts...
Ceramics, Terracotta, Polyresin, Candles, Metal Lantern and Candle holders, Glass wares, Artificial Flowers, Wooden, Fabric, rattan for Gifts and for Decorations
Nine Green Intertrade Co., Ltd.  [Country: Thailand]
Nine green is an international trading and manufacturing company that is engaged high products for export quality with competitive prices. We are currently selling a various range of aromatherapy& scented...
Aromatheraphy, and, Scented, Cles
Arhandicraft  [Country: India]
ARHANDICRAFT is a non profit seeking organsiation founded in 1984, with the objective of supporting marginalised craft producers of the Tamil-villages around Auroville in Southern India. ...
We, are, manufacturers, and, exporters, of, hmade, gifts, crafts, from, India., can, make, your, desired, items, as, have, the, necessary, capabilities, infrtructure. Our, : Hammock Ceramic Cles Incense, &, cones Stone, products Stone, plter Wooden, products Batick Paper, products Beads, Crochet Terracotta Clay, Products Jari, works Korai, Grs, products Musical, instruments Papier, mache Cane, Palm, products
caravan saray  [Country: Morocco]
Caravan Saray is specialized in the export of Handcrafted products for Home Decoration with a wide range of products. Come visit us on our Website: You'll discover a wide and...
Costume, jewellery, Silver, Damascening, Copperware, Moroccan, leather, slippers, &, Pouffes, Mirrors, Henna, Lamps, Candles, Pottery, Carpets, tents, Mosaic, Tables, Paintings
We are a comprehensive manufacturing and trading Group Company. We own a big glass factory. As main supplier of IKEA and TARGET we enjoy good quality and time delivery. Our glass products are mainly exported...
We own glassware, ceramics, toys, willow and garment factories. We also deal in candles, artificial flowers, stainless steel cutlery, fishing products, woodenware, woodenware textiles and OEM designs among other things
Wenzhou ouhai candles co.,ltd  [Country: China]
we deal in candles.Our candles are no poison,no smoking and no tear.They are good for health and enviroment.Besides, they can light longer than the normal candles. we have more than 50 workers.For your...
no, somking, candles
Goodwin corp. is authorized to undertake import and export businesses. We will wholeheartedly provide excellent service for our domestic and foreign customers, including: Commodity purchase, certificate...
Our, company, can, provide, all, kinds, of, CANDLES, and, UMBRELLA, with, good, price, quality
We are one of leading import and export company located in Tianjin China, which is specializing in import and export business. Our products is textiles, bicycles and Accessories, candles and so on. Hope...
textiles, bicycles, candles
Muhammad Amjad & Sons  [Country: Pakistan]
We have experience in exporting various different products. Our service is to provide quality custom/ready-made/raw Himalayan Salt-related products (Salt lamps of different colors, candles, different salt...
candles, different salt design, I also wish you to know that we put an extra effort in furthering our strategic relationship
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