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I’ am a special manufacturer of Biaxial Oriented Polyamide Films (BOPA films), which was founded in October 2002. Our production line that was introduced from Germany is highly automatic. The production...
flexibility, strike endurance, flavor or smell separation, transparency, luster and printability, and wide range of temperature choices, etc. BOPA films are especially suitable for packing of foods that deteriorate easily, frozen and cooked foods, vegetables, aquatic products and medical machines, etc, after laminating with CPP, PE film and so on
Medine  [Country: Indonesia]
Trading company affiliate to Industrial Design Consultant. We are SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Start at quarter of 2004.
fin, bones, meat
Our products quality is good and the price is very competitive . we can supply Clear fused quartz tubes and UV service quartz tubes as follows: OD range 2.5-100mm,Silicon Dioxide>99.95%-99.99%,Excellent...
1)quartz tubes (UV blocking quartz tubes, clear fused quartz tubes, milky quartz tubes, milky quartz tubes quartz rod 2 feed 3 crystal products 4 aquatic products
We are one of the important aquatic products suppliers in China. We have 20 years experience in processing aquatic products. After reform and opening, we have a rapid development. Many clients place orders...
We, are, in, the, position, to, supply, all, kds, of, aquatic, products, from, South, Cha., Our, ma, Frozen, Shrimp, and, Tilapia, &, Fillet
CV. Arna Sejahtera  [Country: Indonesia]
Exporter for any product coming from Indonesia, we can support and find you the best price of any product in Indonesia.
Sell wooden product, and aquatic frozen product such as crab, shrimp and Lobster
Established in 1976, we are mainly engaged in processing and exporting all kinds of food of China origin. Our main products include meat and poultry products such as chicken, duck, rabbit, pork, seafood,...
Frozen poultry meat including chicken products and duck products, Frozen poultry meat including chicken products and duck products sea foods aquatic products and all kinds of fresh and frozen block frozen and IQF vegetables and frozen mixed wok vegetables
Comercial Mediterranea Ltda.  [Country: Chile]
We process&export all seafood products from Chile, in special: Sea cucumber dried, abalone dried, mackarel, horse mackarel, lobster, oysters, salmon, trophon top shellfish, etc. All products fresh, frozen,...
Frozen food, aquatic products, dried seafood products Smoked seafood products
Vietnam Global Trading Co., Ltd.  [Country: Vietnam]
We are a rice dealer based in Vietnam who have relation with 78 leading Vietnamese rice exporters and producers which account for more than 90% rice export of Vietnam. If international rice buyers are...
Vietnamese long white rice, handicraft, textile and garment, aquatic products
We are China SXF aquatic manufacture, a factory make and export wall aquarium and fish tanks, our products different from othres,no need to change water many years, with live fish and live grass in it,...
aquarium, aquatic, fish tank, furniture
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