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Hangzhou Chyszern Bio-tech Co.,Ltd  [Country: China]
Hangzhou Chyszern Biotechnology Company limited is a high biological and technological company, which combined developing, producing and sales of veterinary drugs, feed additives, and raw materials...
Ceftiofur HCL=98%, Apramycin Sulfate=550µg/mg
Dear Sir We are manufacturer who deals with science studying and producing natural animals and plants extraction products. It is founded by famous biochemistry specialists and professors of China Pharmaceutical...
Dear, Sir We, are, manufacturer, who, deals, with, science, studying, and, producing, natural, animals, plants, extraction, products., It, is, founded, by, famous, biochemtry, specialts, professors, of, China, Pharmaceutical, University., We, main, manufacture, following, products: 1., Chitosan 3., Chitosan, Oligo, Saccharide(glucosamine) 4., (Carboxylmethyl, ) 5., Chondroitin, sulphate Our, sulfate, composition, stable, sulfa
We are a leading tisue manufacturer in Indonesia. We have been exporting and supporting many converters and trading companies worldwide.
Facial tissue, Toilet tissue, Napkin/serviette tissue, MG Paper and towel tissue Either in parent reels or in converted products
We are very focusing our efforts on advanced ceramic materials, non-ferrous metals, and their related products. Our company is one of the leading manufacturer and OEM of advanced engineered materials...
We can supply various kinds of super alloys (Ni based, Co based, Inconel, Waspalloy, Hastalloy, Monel, SS, etc.); wires (high purity Al and Mg wires, Ni alloy wires, Mo wires, welding and brazing alloy wires, zinc coated wires, etc.); strips/sheets(beryllium alloy strips, Mg, Ti, Ni, Cr, TiNi strips, copper alloy strips, etc.); tubes( Mo etc.); and targets( Nb, W, Mo, Zr, Ta, Nb, Ni TiAl, nickel
Terio Corporation  [Country: China]
Terio Corporation produce: Boron nitride (HBN), Boron amorphous powder 90%, Aluninium nitride(AlN) 32%, Titanium Boron, Zirconium Boron, Silicon carbon, Cobalt oxide 72%/73%,Co3O4 73%, Cobalt sulfate...
Keyword: Boron nitride, HBN, Boron amorphous, Aluninium nitride, Silicon carbon, Titanium Boron, Zirconium Boron, Cobalt oxide, Cobalt sulfate, Barium chloride, Barium carbonate, Barium hydroxide, Zirconium dioxide, Zirconia, Alumina, Aluminium oxide, Titanium dioxide, Rutile, Anatase, Strontium carbonate
Our company is mainly in the field of tissue paper products in Qingdao, China for 28 years. We supply all kinds of tissue paper products. Also, our company is near Qingdao Port so that the sea transportation...
tissue paper, toilet paper, MG/MF converted and unconverted, such as bathroom tissue, handkerchiefs, facial tissue, etc
Our company is one of the large-scalse export and import company with abbreviation CMEC,which enjoyed high reputation in China.We mainly deal with heave industry prodcuts with good supplier and munufacturer.Our...
refractory brick, insulating brick, fhollowware, ireclay brick, Mg brick, ceramic wool/felt/board, etc

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